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Product Brief

Product Brief


1. The QD-PLB series fusible asphalt packaging bags produced by our company have the following advantages:

① Passed the inspection by professional institutions and tested by many users. After the packaging bag was fused with the heavy-duty road asphalt, it was inspected by the Chongqing Highway Engineering Testing Center, a Grade A certification unit of the Ministry of Communications, and the product performance indicators were in line with the "Technical Specifications for Construction of Highway Asphalt Pavement" (JTJ032-94); The quality supervision and inspection center (Chengdu), the State Key Laboratory of Polymer Materials Engineering of Sichuan University and other professional authoritative institutions have inspected, and all performance indicators are better than the national standard requirements of BB/T0021-2001 "Environmental Protection Asphalt Flexible Packaging Bag". At the same time, after hundreds of domestic and foreign customers repeatedly tried and tested, it proves that the product quality is excellent, stable and reliable.

②The actual temperature of asphalt filling bag can withstand 105℃-165℃, suitable for filling all kinds of matrix asphalt, modified asphalt, heavy traffic road asphalt, joint sealant, non-cured rubber asphalt, construction asphalt, waterproof coating, special high temperature Asphalt and other various asphalt and derivative products.

③Environmental protection: the inner bag has a melting temperature of 150℃-230℃, which is completely melted after mechanical stirring, without damaging the quality of asphalt; woven bags are divided into ordinary non-meltable and meltable types for users to choose, and have less environmental pollution.

④ After the asphalt is cooled, 10-15 layers can be stacked, and the woven bag is waterproof.

⑤Strong anti-ultraviolet performance, it will not be aged for 3 months in outdoor open-air storage in high ultraviolet areas (such as Tibet) in summer.

⑥The technology leads the domestic similar products and reaches the level of the international similar products. After a long period of use by a large number of domestic and foreign users, it has been proven: quality

Stable and reliable, the price is moderate, and the cost of asphalt logistics is effectively reduced, especially suitable for use in plateau mountain areas (such as Tibet/Qinghai).

⑦ It can provide mature supporting fully/semi-automatic asphalt filling equipment and melting equipment, which can be used in conjunction with packaging bags.

2. Product Catalog of Fusible Asphalt Plastic Packaging Bags


Remarks: The above is the standard size, which can be processed and printed according to the user's requirements.

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